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Real Estate Agents - Consumers increasingly demand energy efficiency and rank energy costs as one of the most important considerations when purchasing a new home. Real estate agents can help their clients understand the value of energy-efficient new homes by educating themselves about the features and benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes and forming relationships with ENERGY STAR builder and Rater partners.

The ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program provides an industry vetted set of technical specifications, terminology and metrics for industry professionals. You can help promote ENERGY STAR by contacting your local Realtor Association and advocating for the addition of certified homes into your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). See the Green MLS Tool Kit for more information.

Real estate agents may review Northwest ENERGY STAR certifications using the Verify Certification tool.    

Home Appraisers - Appraisers play a critical role in ensuring that the energy efficiency features of certified homes are properly reflected in the valuation process. Appraisers can review the features and benefits of certified homes here.

The Appraisal Institute is the global membership association of professional appraisers, which provides support for the appraisal of energy-efficient new homes. Its website is a valuable tool for valuing green buildings, offering information on its Valuation of Sustainable Buildings Professional Development certification program and the Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum, which  can be completed by appraisers or homeowners to identify and describe a home's green and energy efficiency features.

Home appraisers may review historical Northwest ENERGY STAR certifications using the Verify Certification

Title Description Updated File
Northwest Approved HVAC Contractors HVAC contractors enrolled with ACCA or Advanced Energy and approved for work on ENERGY STAR homes. 09/30/2016 Download
Green MLS Tool Kit

Resouce to support the implementation of a green initiative for Multiple Listing Services.

06/20/2016 Download
Important Contacts for Program Questions A directory of national and regional green building programs/organizations. 03/12/2016 Download
Mini-Split Technology in New Construction Poster highlighting the benefits and considerations for four highly efficient heating and cooling strategies for advanced performance homes. 05/05/2015 Download
HRV System Best Practices Educational tool to help builders and HVAC contractors understand key considerations for system selection, duct design and installation, and testing and commissioning. 05/05/2015 Download
Cost Data Addendum (with guidelines) This addendum is designed to give the appraisal industry local cost data info that will more accurately reflect the true incremental construction costs for upgrading to energy-efficient features in new construction homes. Includes guidelines. 12/02/2014 Download
Thermal Enclosure Best Practices Poster

Details and best practices for ensuring a well-sealed and insulated thermal barrier.

06/13/2013 Download
An Introduction for Real Estate Professionals

This material was presented by Shaun Hassel on August 1st, 2012 in a 1 hour session.

08/01/2012 Download

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