Contractors who design and/or install heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in homes which are being built to ENERGY STAR specifications in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington must become credentialed through a national HVAC Quality Installation and Oversight Organization
(H-QUITO). H-QUITOs are the independent, third-party oversight organizations that provide
the required training and oversight activities for HVAC contractors.

There are two national credentialing programs: 

Credentialing requirements, costs and participation guidelines are specified by each H-QUITO.  

More information and resources for becoming a credentialed HVAC Contractor can be found on the ENERGY STAR website.

Builders, Raters and Providers may search for and choose credentialed HVAC contractors from:


Contractors previously credentialed through NEEA must transfer their credential to ACCA or Advanced Energy by June 30, 2015. For more information from both organizations for current contractors, see the Advanced Energy communication and the ACCA communication. NEEA will collaborate with ACCA and Advanced Energy to maintain the Northwest Approved HVAC Contractor list to reflect the region's credentialed HVAC contractors for ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes until the end of 2015.  

Note for Raters and Providers: After June 30, 2015, homes using Revision 8 checklists and zonal heating systems (ductless heat pumps, hydronic systems, electric resistance, etc.) no longer require an H-QUITO credentialed contractor. Please select and add the generic "Zonal-Only Installation" HVAC company profile to the Revision 8 home in the Axis database for certification.