Verifier/Rater Enrollment

With the proper qualifications and training, you can become qualified to inspect ENERGY STAR Homes in the Northwest as a RESNET-approved Home Energy Rater (HERS Rater). Raters support builders by guiding them through the Northwest ENERGY STAR process and ensuring that homes meet the program requirements. This process includes home inspections and the submission of home inspection data to a Northwest RESNET Provider for certification. (To find out how to become a Northwest RESNET Provider, CLICK HERE).

There are two options for Raters and their builders to achieve Northwest ENERGY STAR Home certification:

  1. Prescriptive Path: Follow one of the approved Builder Option Pathways (BOPs), which outline specific measures to achieve the required energy savings.
  2. Performance Path: Use Northwest version of REM/Rate to verify that the home achieves the required energy savings. This approach provides builders with greater flexibility in their building plans.



STEP 1: Become a certified HERS Rater by completing a RESNET-approved training course and exam. For more information on becoming a HERS Rater, visit RESNET’s website. To find trainings in your area, explore this directory of accredited Rater training providers. (In 2013, Rater Training Co-Op will be available in the amount of $500 to current program Verifiers looking to become Raters).

STEP 2: Select a Northwest RESNET Provider to work with. Inquire about the Provider’s training and application process.

STEP 3: Complete the Northwest Rater training requirement* designated by your Provider. Check our Events Calendar or contact your Northwest RESNET Provider for upcoming trainings.

STEP 4: Complete the necessary paperwork, including a Rater agreement* with your Provider.

STEP 5: Complete the national ENERGY STAR Online Partnership Agreement for Raters/Verifiers. When completing the agreement, please select "Certified HERS Rater". Signing this agreement will get you listed on both the national and Northwest ENERGY STAR websites and database systems.

STEP 6: Contact Northwest ENERGY STAR to learn about marketing materials, incentives and builder recruitment resources to assist you in developing your rating business. Contact Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes by phone (1-800-539-9362) or email (

STEP 7: Complete three probationary ratings with your Northwest RESNET Provider.

* Please note that training requirements and agreements may vary by Provider, so be sure to work closely with your selected Provider organization to complete these items.