Pumpkin Ridge Passive House

Built by: Hammer & Hand (2012)
North Plains, OR

There are a number of certifications and labeling programs in today’s world of new construction. The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House by Portland-based Hammer & Hand is an example of a project that marries several programs to create a cutting-edge home that is no more expensive per month than a conventional custom build. Sounds like a no brainer.

With a high performance structure such as a Passive House, it’s easy to focus on the energy performance because it’s so impressive. Cutting heating energy demand by 90 percent is a big deal. But we shouldn’t lose track of the most important aspect of this home: the living experience it offers. Passive Houses are airtight structures with carefully calibrated, active supplies of fresh air and a smart balance of heat gains and losses. The result is a quiet, draft-free, oxygen-filled living space with incredibly even temperatures throughout.

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