Josephine Crossing

Built by: McCall Homes (2012-2013)
Billings, MT

THE PILOT PROJECT IN JOSEPHINE CROSSING was a small home designed for an "empty nester" couple who wanted to simplify. The home is all on one level, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, 1170 SF. It is an adaptation of one of McCall Homes standard plans, customized for the family.

The home was built in Josephine Crossing - a development where being “green” is a daily practice. It’s about becoming new urbanists and incorporating Smart Growth principles that conserve land and open spaces for all. It’s about building a neighborhood with riverfront trails and parks out the front door. It’s about curb-side and construction recycling. It’s about using dual-flush plumbing in bathrooms to save as much as 10,000 gallons of water per year per household. It’s about building a walkable community so owners don’t have to necessarily use an automobile every time they need something or when the kids want to play with friends.

In all of Josephine Crossing, McCall Homes builds 100% ENERGY STAR and NAHBGreen Built Certified homes.