House of the Immediate Future

Built by: Seattle Habitat for Humanity (2012)
Seattle, WA

During Seattle's 1962 World’s Fair, housing exhibits provided a vision for the future of domestic life as exuberant modular assemblages packed with high-tech energy-intensive gadgets that did the living for you, built and powered by seemingly endless resources.

Fifty years later, Habitat for Humanity and several Seattle partners are at work on The House of the Immediate Future. The goal of the project is to demonstrate energy efficient construction using the best of readily available methods and materials. The house will demonstrate what is possible and economically practical with today’s technology. The building, despite it’s modern design, is a simple structure designed to be inexpensive to construct. The home will be built at Seattle Center as part the 50th Anniversary celebration of the ’62 World’s Fair, and then moved to an emerging Seattle Housing Authority neighborhood in Rainier Valley.

Their approach seems modest when compared with the space-age vision in 1962. But that’s the point.

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*Photos courtesy of Miller Hull and Habitat for Humanity

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